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With a very active Board and Executive, and a number of hard-working groups, such as our Social Committee, this is a busy club.

People from different countries are connecting at a personal level.

When your Friendship Force club visits our club, you'll discover Edmonton and area, while making new friends.

     Our Friendship Force club prepares an itinerary of tours of Edmonton and Area attractions and cultural activities, and invites visitors from Friendship Force clubs in other countries to come and stay with our members in our homes for up to a week.

         As a Friendship Force host, you can explore the world without even leaving home, by extending the hand of friendship to international guests. It’s a rewarding experience to give your guests an up-close, insider’s view of life in our country, either through a week of overnight home hospitality, or by helping with daytime cultural activities.

We can also achieve our goal of promoting global understanding by journeying as "Ambassadors" to share the lives of "Host" families in another country for one week. All this works to reduce the barriers that separate people. 

     Watch this 3-minute video to see how club members travel, and how we host visitors, to promote understanding.

Club Profile

     Our official name is The Friendship Force of Edmonton and Area Club, and this club was founded 9/1/1998. We have approximately 85 members living throughout the metropolitan area - some working, many retired.

     Our Club provides the structure and leadership to conduct exchanges between clubs, and coordinates these journeys through Friendship Force International. The Friendship Force of Edmonton and Area Club also provides year-round opportunities to develop friendship among its members through participation in cultural and social events at the local level. 

Merry Neckties!

Ready for the Banquet.

Our Club is managed by an elected Board of Directors that is responsible for upholding the policies and managing the affairs of the club in accordance with by-laws approved by Friendship Force International.  


Friendship Force International is a non-religious, inclusive, non-profit corporation chartered in the USA in 1977. It is governed by a Board of Trustees that sets policy and guarantees that legal requirements and fiscal responsi­bilities are met. Having celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, Friendship Force has brought together more than 1 million people in homestay and cultural immersion experiences that have helped to promote global understanding. There are over 350 Clubs in 60 countries worldwide!

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