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Past & Planned Inbound Journeys
  • Hamburg, Germany -  July 3-10, 2019
  • South Sydney, AU - August 1-8, 2019
  • Prairie "Domestic" - August 8-12, 2020
  • SW Florida, USA – July 6-12, 2022
  • Capital Region, CA – July 27-Aug. 3/22

  • Hamilton &

       Burlington, CA  – Aug. 22-29, 2023

  • Setouchi-Hiroshima Japan--June 6-13, 2024

  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA--August 19 --26, 2024


not places” explains our mission.

Club members who travel on Friendship Force journey are called "Ambassadors." 
They go and live as guests in the home of a "Host," taking part in their regular family activities, and in their community life.
Ambassadors and Hosts sometimes do not share similar backgrounds similar backgrounds, nor even speak the same language, nor, yet they enjoy each other's company as the power of friendship overcomes these differences.
Past & Planned Outbound Journeys
  • Aukland, New Zealand - Oct/Nov 2018
  • Kumamoto Japan - March 25 - April 19
  • Mid-Willamette Valley,
       Oregon, USA - June 16-22, 2019
  • Freiburg, Germany - Cancelled (Covid 19)
  • Baton Rouge, USA - Cancelled (Covid 19)
  • Nepal - Cancelled (Covid 19)
  • Cedar Rapids / Iowa City, USA  – October 2023 

  • Oklahoma City, USA  – October 2023 

  • Baton Rouge, Birmingham and Huntsville, USA -- April 11 - 26, 2024

About Our Inbound Journeys:

We can accommodate 15 ambassadors and prefer to host two journeys between the end of May and early September because of our wonderful summer weather (an average daily high temperature of 23°C or 73°F), our sunny skies, and the "subarctic" extra-long, summer days. 

In our Inbound Journey Program we like to highlight some of our history and culture through visits to Edmonton City Hall, Chinatown, the Alberta

Legislature Building, Art Gallery of Alberta, Royal Alberta Museum, Fort Edmonton Park, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Elk Island National Park or other attractions as time permits. Edmonton boasts a continuous succession of summer festivals that we also like to include in our program for visiting Ambassadors. Our hosting program includes both formal Welcome and Farewell activities as well as time to get to know the hosts and many of our members during dinners in private homes, BBQ's, picnics, and other informal gatherings.

Individual ambassador's personal interests are taken into account, and their stays often include visits to the world famous - West Edmonton Mall, for a tour and/or shopping. They may also include a trip to the largest open-air Farmer's Market in Western Canada in St. Albert, a heritage community on the northwest border of Edmonton, or to one of several Botanic Gardens in the area. 

How Journeys Work

Host families receive no payment opening their homes to Friendship Force Ambassadors. Visitors pay their own travel expenses plus a fee that covers excursions and activities, as well as a small amount for the operation of the Friendship Force International offices.

Inbound Committee

The Host Club is responsible for recruiting members and citizens from the community who will open their homes to the visiting Ambassadors. The Inbound Committee will arrange local tours and group activities that reflect community life and local culture, with time for the Hosts to share their everyday lives with their guests.

Outbound Committee

The Club is responsible for recruiting and preparing Ambassadors for the Friendship Force homestay experience. Ambassadors may be members of any club in Canada. Edmonton members may also apply to join any Outbound Journey being conducted by another Canadian Club. After the homestay, members may choose independent travel in the region, participation in an optional group tour organized by the Host Committee, or return directly home. For more information about our past outbound journeys click below.​

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